Keeping Your Account Secure

The safety of your bank account also depends to a large extent on you. Our mission is to safeguard your account and personal information entrusted to our care. We can do this even better with your support.

Here are a few tips to assist you in keeping your account information as secure as possible:

  • Memorize personal account information

    Do well to memorize personal account information such as your ATM card details, token and internet banking information. Do not save such information online or share via phone calls or SMS.

  • Change your passwords are different intervals

    Ensure that your passwords are changed every month and are strong, preferably using strong alphanumeric combinations that are not currently utilized as a password on any other site.

  • Be aware of certain kinds of phone calls

    Please note that TAJBank will never make cold calls to request personal account information from you.

  • Be alert when utilizing our e-banking portal

    Are you aware that websites can be cloned? Be alert when utilizing our e-banking portal. Check the URL carefully (https://) to ensure that you are actually on the TAJBank site. You can log on to our internet banking service securely via our website –

  • Keep track of your transactional activities

    Keep track of your transactions by checking your account statements and card transactions to ensure that they are actually generated by you.

  • Report any suspicion immediately

    If you feel your personal account details have been compromised, report immediately to the nearest branch or contact our dedicated TAJBank Rapid Response Desk on 0800 567 8910 and