TAJBank’s Business Banking Group is fully focused on adding value to commercial and corporate entities’ operations. We have a smart bouquet of non-interest finance products such as Cost Plus (Murabaha), Import Finance for Business Imports, Lease (Ijarah) Finance, Construction/Manufacture (Istisna) Finance etc.

Our Commitment

We are committed to creating an enabling environment for Nigerian businesses to thrive profitably, and we’re proud of it. Our unique portfolio of business solutions gives organizations an opportunity to thrive and grow. Our non-interest model ensures businesses enjoy rapid, scalable growth.

Professional services by seasoned hands

Our services are low risk. Our professionals work with you through the entire investment and transformation phases. We ensure you come up with consistent and predictable wins.

Our Business Banking products include the following:

Cost Plus (Murabahah) Working Capital

This product is a simple and effective method of financing the purchase of raw materials for business needs within the country…Read More »

Construction / Manufacturing (Istisna) Finance

Construction/Manufacturing (Istisna) Finance is a contract used for manufacturing, construction or development..Read More »

Agency (Wakalah) Letter of Credit

Under this product, the Bank acts as the agent of the customer willing to import goods and services. The customer/importer deposits…Read More »

Lease (Ijara) Finance

Lease (Ijara) Finance is a contract through which services of persons are hired or acquired in exchange for a fee, financial or material…Read More »

TAJ Sole Proprietorship

Product introduction and brief description goes here…Read More »


A foreign currency denominated account that lets you save in US Dollars, Euros and Pounds…Read More »

Cost Plus (Murabahah) Import Finance

Cost Plus (Murabahah) Import Finance is created for customers who are engaged in the business of importation…Read More »

Bonds & Guarantees (Kafalah)

Bonds & Guarantees (Kafalah) is for customers who require a Guarantee to their clients. These clients can be the government…Read More »

Partnership (Musharakah)

Partnership (Musharakah) is one of the partnership contracts that can be used to finance short, medium or long-term funding needs…Read More »

Current (Qard) Account

Qard is a benevolent deposit that attracts no returns. Through Qard Account, the customer makes a deposit into the Bank Account…Read More »

Payroll Current Account

Zero opening balance account with features like: Internet Banking, Debit Card, Email/SMS Alerts, Access to Facilities, Account opening form…Read More »