We create bespoke services for our esteemed clients through Non-Interest Finance products such as Wakalah (Agency) Investment Services (WIS), Mudharabah (Partnership) Time Deposit, Sukuk Investment Service and Domiciliary Account Services. All services are tailored to meet respective client requirements and needs. Banking just got easier. Be in control of your Bank by opening account on online and run it without hassles.

Our Private Banking products include the following:

Partnership (Mudharabah) Time Deposit

A Shariah-compliant way to invest your money. This is a trustee profit sharing account through which the customer entrusts the bank…Read More »

Wakalah (Agency) Investment Services (WIS)

This product is designed to suit clients who want to earn periodic and stable returns on their investment. Under the Agency (Wakalah)…Read More »

Sukuk Investment Service

Sukuk is a non-interest financial certificate representing the portion of ownership of its holder in a portfolio of eligible existing or future assets…Read More »

Domiciliary Account

A foreign currency denominated account that lets you save in US Dollars, Euros and Pounds…Read More »