Nura Soro is a PhD holder in political economy from Nigeria Turkish University, he also holds master’s degrees from Birmingham University, Ahmadu Bello University and Nigeria Defense Academy.

He has also attended some international sought after programs from Oxford University, Saint Anthony College Uk, and Columbia University New York on politics leadership and personal success.

Successful projects to his credit include novel initiatives in digital innovations that has been employed by the government of the federation and applied to save billions of naira in project formulation, execution, implementation and revalidation.

Over the last ten years he attended numerous conferences of the world Bank, IMF, International Finance Organization, Asia Pacific Economic Council .

As a former president of the American University Student Government association Nura Manu Soro has consistently sought to combine his technical and entrepreneurial capacity to grassroot causes and campaigns .

He is a former finance commissioner in Bauchi state. an accomplished consultant with successful history in public and private sector in Nigerian economy.