TAJBank’s Development Finance Group, in partnership with various development finance institutions such as Bank of Agriculture, Bank of Industry, and CBN Development Finance (Anchor Borrowers Programme, AGSMEIS) seeks to maximise the enormous opportunities in this sector in order to further develop the Nigerian economy. We are achieving this through the utilization of Non-Interest finance products such as Murabaha Micro Finance, Lease (Ijara) Finance etc as well as deploying technological solutions and our expertise in the Agricultural, Manufacturing and Small and Medium Enterprise sector of the economy.

Cost Plus (Murabahah) SME Finance

Through this product, the financing needs of Small and Medium Enterprises and businesses are catered for. Here, we put small farmers, traders, small businesses in cooperative clusters and finance their working capital needs for their businesses to prosper. A feature of the product is that each cluster cooperative cross guarantees another to ensure performance and results. Here, the working capital needs such as machinery, raw material etc is purchased and sold to the SME using cost plus profit finance and payment at a deferred date. This is achieved in installments or in bulk at a mutually agreed date and time.Read More »